People still ask me why I stopped writing. I tell them that back in the day, Fate walked in the door and gave me a fucking good slap and told me to put food on the table. So here I am, earning more designing a small website than I did writing all four novels. The maths is simple: small website, a couple of weeks; four novels, fifteen years. So it's now official, a hard-learned fact: my web-designs really are worth more than a million words, and also get finished in a fraction of the time.

my unique designs have only one condition:

Style is not an option

It's in my DNA. Guaranteed. I will make your competitors cry, quiver and crap themselves. Figuratively speaking, of course.

CyberSixEnterprise Solution for Proactive Cyber Threat and Defence

Columbia CapitalIndependent advisors to issuers and borrowers of municipal bonds

ChaseLightAward Winning Video Production

Christopher BergProfessor Emeritus in the School of Music at the University of South Carolina

Bruce MishkitEverything is music

Home AppraisalsContra Costa (CA) Home Appraisals

Carlisle & CollinsSpecialist In Actuarial Reports And Expert Witness Opinions

High Street OpticiansStylish Frames & Glasses

Edinburgh Micro DiggersNever pick up a pick again

Peebles DesignMost Handsome International Web Designer

And I'mStill Busy

My First Website in Mexico



White space is the silence between notes